About Us

Who we are?
Nenyasha Cherish is one of the leading and fastest growing trendy focused e-commerce sites, passionate about bringing you the high-quality products from across the world. We offer women’s clothing with hand-drawn prints, vintage clothing and classic silhouettes in the United Kingdom and in Zimbabwe. Our products are available in diverse sizes. Our unique assortment is available online store across the country, where you can meet with Nenyasha Cherish Stylists for complimentary fit and styling consultations.
Nenyasha Cherish is an ultimate shopping destination for everything ranging from casual dresses to vintage sweaters to art, vintage, Mask, to home decor. We pay attention to every detail, which means you’ll find an elevated aesthetic throughout our entire collection. Designed to make your everyday special and expressive, Nenyasha Cherish clothes are an individualist’s greatest style secret. Our inspiration comes from Nature, African inspired, interior decor and animals.
At Nenyasha Cherish, we are reimaging timeless aesthetics for a modern era, creating original prints and designing unique pieces that are accessible to all as our designer range of Wall Art Prints and Canvas Artwork.
● Be adventurous, Creative, Trustworthy and open-minded
● Create long-term Relationships with Our Customers
● Pursue Growth and Learning
● Inspire Happiness and positivity
● Make sure Our Customers are pleased

Please ask us as many questions as you can, as we believe that sharing is the only way to grow. Please help us grow by enquiring. Our team of qualified professionals is always eager to provide answers and tackle your concerns. We will address your questions and concerns. Reach out to us today then if you need any further assistance on any issues, please send us an email and state your interests in the space provided.